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Artist Statement 

Like everyone, my life has been a constant search for balance, and this holds true for my artwork. Whether the piece looks balanced or seems to defy gravity, I find myself challenging the perceptions of what seems natural and what appears to be impossible. My work leads me to experiment with the relationships of objects and their interactions both on the page and with the environment. I find that there is a particularly important connection between sculpture and the world around it. The perception of an object can often change as easily as it can be moved. There is great satisfaction in the pull of attention that sculpture provides. When I bring aspects of balance and motion into my work, I feel it creates a deeper connection to the observer while grounding it in the real world. There is a curiosity in all of us to constantly search for a deeper understanding of all things. Tapping into that curiosity, and challenging it satisfies my own needs and leads me to new ideas with greater potential. As I continue to create, I hope to further explore these relationships by adding more aspects of motion and balance to my work.

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