Skillshare (Packaging Design: Sketching Concepts That Surprise and Delight)

In this class we learn about creating high end packaging from Join Evelio Mattos editor of the packaging design blog The Dieline. This class breaks down the design process of how to start creating packaging in a manner that both gets the job done quickly and also creates an effective tool to show colleagues or clients. He gives you different ideas for how packaging can be approached and how small changes can increase the feelings of quality and luxury a product has. there are also many tips on sketching and presenting ideas effectively that would be beneficial to many forms of presentation not just for packaging. In the second half he talks about using a exploded view as a good tool for discussing all the parts of a package. It shows the client that you have thought through the entire process and gives you a good visual to start talking about adding color or pattern to a product and how it will interact with the other components. Overall this video gives both a good understanding of how to go about designing a package for a product and a good guide to set up a successful and engaging pitch to a client.

Here is a link to the class.

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