Point of Purchase Display = Mini Environmental Design

While doing research for a project I came across this article on printmag.com, it takes a look at a excerpt from "Victor Strauss’s Point of Purchase Cardboard Displays: A Manual for the Planning, Construction, and Production of Cardboard Displays."

I find the diagrams shown to be a good reminder of how to approach the design and packaging of a product as well as how important the way that product is displayed at the store for its overall performance. I have worked in and near retail my entire life, my mom owns a small business and I have often spent several hours working with her to create or adjust a display of new products. Knowing how long and how much effort a store owner goes through to set up a display I can truly appreciate when a product has good packaging and a intended display. These seeming simple displays can tap into some bigger design principles making the customer more likely to interact with the product. Once the customer gets that first impulse to examine a product closer is a big step towards getting them to make a purchase. I have always been fascinated by what makes that first spark of interest that draws a customer in and a good design in packaging and presentation is definitely a large part of that. This article is a good reminder that if you go a little bit further with your design and think about how it will be displayed in the store you will have better success for the products you work with. You can think of this as a min environmental design for a product and if you apply those principles you will make a much more inviting space and interesting product.

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