Peter Mendelsund - NPR Podcast Interview

Peter Mendelsund does a excellent job explaining to the listeners about how he works and what his thought process is when creating book jackets. Early on in the interview he talks about capturing the mood of a book and how that mood or underlying message is so important to how you go about creating the book jacket. He starts out his process creating a design after reading the manuscript by doing some trial and error getting his ideas out. after doing some refinements he gets back into the mindset he was in when reading the book and then picks the style that best fits that feeling. He said on average that he will do about 100 versions of a book cover before deciding on one tho show the client. He finds that he has better luck with this because when he shows multiples inevitably people will want to mix and match parts form each making a book cover that will most likely not work as intended. This is a good lesson to anyone in any field of design to remember. Towards the middle of the interview he begins to talk about how people think and visualise characters as they read, people bring their own experiences into what they start to imagine. The importance of the imagery that is used on the cover sets a lot of that feel and points people in a starting direction for their own part of the story to unfold. This is also a good reminder to anyone creating any form of art. People will always bring in their own experiences and it shapes how they view everything. Your art can let people use their perspective or be a manner of sharing your outlook on the world. That is one of the reasons that art in anyform be it books, paintings, or sculpture can help express how one person feels or be representation of how a whole community looks at something. It's such an interesting topic and fascinating how and why people bring in their experiences and a good reminder that everyone sees the world differently even if they are reading the same book.

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