Group Research at Hannafords

Location of items?

  • All products were placed in center

  • Organic products were placed at the end of the aisle

  • All in separate asiles( large variety and customer base)

There were three main aisles

  • Pasta was shelved with pasta, italian, tomato paste, pasta sauce, mexican, hispanic, asian, kosher, rice

  • Cereal was shelved with hot cereal, pancake mix, diet needs, coffee, tea, drink mix and granola (breakfast aisle)

  • Organic was shelved with gluten free products and cookies and candy with pasta as well as energy bars, peanut butter and condiments and rice, soup, and cereal

Packaging overall


  • All bright and geared towards children

  • Lots had spoons and branding logos

  • font was more playful

  • 3d type of font


  • Colors blue, yellow, red (hannafords), green

  • All had image of the type of pasta and the window to show the product


  • Mostly in bags

  • Sold colors like orange and yellow on labels

  • Some specialty styles had brown, green, purple


  • Solid, lighter colors mostly cream and white

  • All had picture of oatmeal

Packaging details


  • Healthy versions had more white and green colors

  • Nicest packaging, more diverse did a better job of differentiating itself from others.

  • Color schemes for the product often had a pop of color


  • Bright colors

  • Lots of various colors

  • Seems to be few rules or standards

  • Often had products with patterns or labels that lined up form box to box.


  • Name brands used Blue, Yellow, Red

Nutrition bars

  • Bright colors

  • Mostly had pictures of bars

  • Simple designs


  • Pastel colors

  • Simple font and minimal colors

  • Mostly had pictures of oatmeal/spoon


  • solid colors

  • More brown and orange than other categories.



  • Playful font

  • Sans serif

Rice, oatmeal

  • Serif font

  • Basic


  • Sans serif font

  • Round and curly

Innovative Container

  • Not much innovation in the pasta and noodle category, but some pasta did have an oval window and a unique look.

New and Innovating Packaging

  • Often very minimalistic, light packaging and often included greenery implying that it is a healthy choice.

Older Era

  • Cream of wheat/rice

Packaging Materials

  • cardboard

  • Some have moved to plastic enclosures

  • Specialty Printing Methods

  • window for pasta

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