Environmental Graphic Design

Environmental graphic design (EGD) or Experiential graphic design (XGD) are both elements of design that span multiple categories and disciplines. They take elements from architecture, Interior design, landscape design, and information design. The idea being that the end goal of the project is to help shape the users experience and to create a specific feel for the space. I find this idea fascinating, It is often that i find myself going to a new place and feeling anxiety about not knowing where to go. Implementation of signage, color, proper lighting, and even scents can set the mood for a location. When these factors are all in tune the outcome is the intended user will automatically have the feeling of being in the right place and instinctively know where to go, giving them a boost to confidence and diminish feelings of anxiety and unknowing.

I feel that this can be a hard task to accomplish without serious thought and effort. Once you are accustomed to a location it becomes harder to see where these added bits of information need to go because your brain already fills them in. In the second set of images below you see a hallway. the first image is of a blank wall in what appears to be a buildings entryway. The second photo in that set shows a graphic on the wall, not even being able to read what it says you get the feeling that it is guiding you towards something important with the use of the red line and the triangles forming the suggestion of an arrow. simple or complex it is giving new users a lot of valuable information even if they only glance at it.

Examples of EGD form http://www.ma-architects.com/news-plus-insights/articles/what-is-environmental-graphic-design

Now EGD is not only for people who are new to a location it can also help people who work there on a regular basis. The implementation of color and graphics can help improve the overall atmosphere in a business or office. In the images above the first set of photos shows what appears to be a meeting room. The change shown is adding a frosted effect to the windows in the shape of a map. This graphic can have many different effects on the surrounding area. First it adds a sense of fun and enjoyment to what could be a cold place as well as the use of the bright orange. It also helps separate the two spaces without making the feel closed off, this could add some privacy to the meeting space and help reduce distractions to the people working nearby. Additions to the workspace can have many effects and they must all be considered when working with EGD.

Overall I find this topic extremely interesting and I know that it will continue to be an important field throughout the years to come. If we all think a little bit more about how our surroundings affect us and others we can improve them for the benefit of everyone.

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