Eco Kitchenware Design Thoughts

I found this product design of ECO products on the Dieline blog and was impressed with the new look they came up with. The look gives me a little bit of a vintage feel without feeling like its outdated. The look also captures part of the green product vibe without using a overabundance of green, the few accents look great with the rich blue and vibrant teal. The illustration of the knives is what caught my attention and the use of color there is fun and helps with the vintage vibe. Overall it think this was a smart move for ECO and hopefully it will serve them well.

In the image below the illustration of the fruit gives be a little bit of a scandinavian feel but this still helps with the brand image as being environmentally conscious.

Here is a link to the post.

( I looked up the company and found this redesign was in 2016 although the article on dieline was from earlier this year.)

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