Chip Kidd Skillshare

In Chip Kidd's skillshare he goes into many details and facets of book design all of them interesting in their own ways. I found the part about Hommage and paying tribute particularly interesting. In most forms of art and design at some point you are going to want or need to reference or represent something that is iconic or relevant to your current project. He goes into how there is i fine line between referencing and copying someone else's idea. I feel that is is an important message to keep in mind for all forms of art. There is nothing wrong with a smart or clever reference to another work of art or design, but there is also nothing worse than copying someone else's work and being unoriginal. A good way to approach this is to distil the material that is your inspiration down to its component parts. Look at the typeface, whitespace, and color palette. Take the time to understand how they interact, and then use that interaction in your work. By doing this you will create something visually similar but uniquely you own.

After he moves on from homage he talks about how when trying to represent something from a certain time period or with a specific style can be unique a process of its own. He talks about how design ideas can come from anywhere and to not always jump on your first idea. For design sometimes it is better to go deeper and you will create a more influential piece that connects on more intellectual or emotional level. Using books, postcards, and other forms of typography examples you can create a modern twist of a historically and visually impactful pice.

As he begins to rap up he gives a short talk about rejection, and how sometimes you can understand why and other times it makes no sense. When working for a client he talks about how it is important to have a backup plan to help reduce the feeling of failure when your first idea falls flat. He reminds us that it is not always the best ideas that get picked and sometimes outside influences that you were unaware of can greatly influence people's opinions.

Overall I found this video greatly inspiring and it gave me a new perspective on where to look for inspiration and how to capture it in a manner that is uniquely my own.

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