Chip Kidd's Ted Talk

I find Chip Kidd to be a fun and energetic designer that truly enjoys his work designing book jackets. He has some great stories about his time working in the book design world and does an excellent job sharing them in a way that is both entertaining and educational. He brings up the saying don't judge a book by its cover, which we all know happens 90% of the time. He goes on to explain how important it is to make a good first impression, and how this applies to both people and books. He continues his talk with examples of his pat work giving us some backstory and then explaining his final thought process about the design. there is often a some sort of underlying statement or meaning that he will pull form the book and then put a twist on it in order to gain the reader's attention. I one exaplet he did a book cover for a book titled Dry where he creates and effect on the cover to make it appear that the book cover has gotten wet and caused the ink to run. This gets a potential readers attention and there curiosity will lead them to explore why a book titled Dry would have gotten wet. The clever play between what is expected and its opposite is a common thread in some of Chip Kidd's best works. It is a good reminder that sometimes you can use opposites to create interest in any form of art, be it to create contrast in color, texture, style, or meaning. Chip Kidd is an inspiring man who does a great job capturing people's attention both in person and through his work.

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